Featured Projects

Specialising in Civil and Marine Construction means our work involves operating in areas where access may be limited such as islands and lighthouses. We have carried out extensive work along the coast of Ireland and out to sea in neighbouring islands and have a highly skilled team who can navigate the most challenging obstacles and conditions.

Our clients range from state/semi state bodies, corporate organisations and various government agencies.

Island Projects

We have carried out extensive storm barrier protection, pier construction, dredging and maintenance on islands and coastal areas with limited access

BIO 2: Allergan Pharmaceuticals

The BIO 2 Project was a 12 month development project for Allergan Pharmaceuticals in the west of Ireland. The project deliverables were diversion of services and lift shaft for extension of BIO 2 facility

Dublin Port Extension

The Dublin Port extension is a 3 year project for redevelopment of a large section of the port and involves rebuilding and lengthening almost half of the berths.