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Marine Construction

We are specialists when it comes to marine construction.

Marine construction is a very specialised field and we have the equipment, experience and expertise to carry out all types of marine work on and off shore.

We have carried out extensive work on neighbouring islands and lighthouses off the coast and have our own landing craft to gain access to these hard to reach areas. Some of our previous work includes the Bundorragha Pier construction in 2015 and the maintenance work carried out on Kish lighthouse which is located 10km off the coast of Dun Laoighre in Ireland.

Our work on the islands has included slipway construction, barrier repair work, marine pier construction, bridge construction and erosion repair work. To see some of our previous work on the islands please click here


Supplying Batched Concrete to the Islands off the Coast

We supply all types and strengths of concrete depending on the requirements of your project. In the past we have used underwater concrete for areas such as piers and slipways – this concrete has a special resin which allows it to set quicker and we can pump concrete into areas with limited accessibility.

Our concrete is supplied through our sister company Eoghans Mini-Mix. Through Eoghans we offer a mobile wet-mix plant and dry batch plants which can be transported throughout Ireland both on-shire and offer which allows us to batch concrete on-site. We also supply Bagged Aggregate, such as decorative stone, sand & all other aggregates in ton bags. These can easily be lifted into place in a garden/patio etc and are also perfect for transporting on cargo boats to the islands. To see some of our Island marine projects please click here

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